About Us

SP Foundry, located in South Coffeyville, OK, is one of two foundry facilities within the Star Pipe Products family. SP Foundry is a diversified manufacturer providing casting, machining, assembly and production of customized cast iron and ductile iron products.

Working within the Star Pipe Products family, SP Foundry is able to meet our customers import needs through our overseas facility, SP Foundry Global.

Core Methods
  • Shell Core
  • Isocure
  • Air-set
Pattern Materials
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Urethane
In addition, SP Foundry has a variety of both support services and value added operations. They include:
  • Pattern Services
  • CNC and Manual machining
  • Heat Treat
  • Coatings
  • Assembly and Testing
  • Warehousing
SP Foundry is dedicated to creating manufacturing partnerships with their clients and strive to be a world class provider of manufacturing services. 

Company History

  • 1919 – The Jensen Company was founded by 4 brothers (William Jensen, K.R. Jensen, Elmer Jensen, and Steve Jensen in Nowata, Oklahoma. Jensen began as a manufacturer of oil field pumping units
  • 1926 – Due to expanding operations and lack of space, the company began moving to Coffeyville, KS.
  • 1937 – Due to an interest in Aviation by the two remaining brothers, William & K.R., the Jensen Airport was built in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma
  • 1941 – Jensen’s partnered with Howard and Joe Funk by purchasing the assets of the Funk Aircraft Company and relocated it from Akron, OH, to South Coffeyville, Ok. Roughly 365 Funk airplanes were built by 1948. Today, roughly 150 are still registered, 60 still airworthy. Funk fly-in still a yearly event
  • 1949 – At their peak, Jensen produced 6000 oil field pumping units
  • 1954 – A fire destroyed the South Coffeyville aircraft plant
  • 1974 – Ground is broken to construct Jencast in South Coffeyville, OK (Same site utilized today)
  • 1982 – To diversify the foundry’s capabilities, the “jobbing” strategy was put in place.
  • 2002 – The GS-West mold line is installed to replace a much smaller production air-set line to service larger casting requirements
  • 2010 – To meet growing demands, furnaces at Jencast upgraded to 3-phase melting
  • 2015 – Machine shop expansion to include multi-spindle drills to accommodate growing ductile iron pipe fitting production needs
  • 2016 – Added cement lining operation to provide finished, painted ductile iron pipe fittings
  • 2016 – Star Pipe Products purchases Jensen International, Inc. and changes the name to SP Foundry.
  • 2016 – NSF and UL certifications obtained
  • 2018 – Groundbreaking on SP Foundry Expansion
  • 2018 – EMI line installed
  • 2019 – DISA 270B installed
  • 2020 – Completed SP Foundry Build and Consolidation to single campus in S. Coffeyville